MAQ Parts - Spare parts

Client from Bulgaria

Built with Yii 2.0 Core at 2021

Technologies used : Yii 2.0, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, SEO, Grunt, Composer, Bower, Viber, ECONT API, TNT API, Viber API

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The technologies used for the project are: custom CMS platform built on PHP with Yii2.0 framework, HTML5 / CSS3.0 and MySQL database. The site provides a fully adaptive design for all types of mobile devices.

Numerous modules have been added to the platform, such as multilingualism, internal accounting, order management, batch loading system from different vendors, card payments via Stripe, loyalty system, access levels, integration of Econt and TNT delivery methods and etc.

Excellent basic optimization and server settings provide an excellent user experience and platform loading speed.

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