Powered with Yii 2.0 Core in 2015

Used technologies : Yii 2.0, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, SEO, Users roles, Access level and other.

Eventus is software designed to serve the needs of retail and catering establishments.

The product has a staff section where orders can be created and finished. It is also possible to add menu items that are pre-loaded.

The moderator panel section allows the owners to track all orders executed and registered in the app keep track of the quantity of the item at your disposal statistics of employees, what invoice has been registered the expedited goods are monitored, how many products from the menu are dropped if the goods are not loaded inputting the necessary goods and products to the menu product groups are formed – (Salads, Starters, Alcohol, etc.) at your discretion tables can be added with which the staff operates tracking product charges the staff of the restaurant, etc., are administered.

Eventus relies heavily on the easy way of working, emphasizing the possibility of a quick work of staff. The ordering of a product by the staff is reduced to two/three clicks depending on product or the group product is added in.


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